Eventfinda Ticketing Services

Eventfinda can provide online ticketing services for events of any size, be it a national band tour, a local folk festival, a garden expo, trade show or regular event at your venue.

Eventfinda puts control of your event ticketing in your hands.


How It Works

·       The customer purchases tickets directly through Eventfinda or one of our partner sites; our platform is one of the most user-friendly interfaces around, making for a quick and easy transaction process.

·       E-tickets are issued immediately and can be printed at the time of purchase or from a follow-up email

·       Validation is effortless; processing options include hand-held barcode scanners or simply an easy to read door list, which is automatically emailed 3 hours prior to show time.


Key Benefits For Promoters and Venues


·       Free to use and no maintenance costs

·       No charge for promotional tickets or promo/discount code management

·       No delivery fees, download fees or courier charges to your ticket buyers

·       Simple management of pre-sales, early-bird sales, tiered pricing, add-ons and extras

·       Automated management of your email lists for promotional offers or complimentary tickets

·       Physical tickets available - completely integrated into ticketing database for easy redemption

·       Easy and fast validation at the door for a positive customer experience

·       24/7 real-time, completely transparent sales & financial reporting - no hidden costs and no surprises

·       Fast reconciliation and transfer of ticketing money directly to your bank account

·       No fees for promotional e-tickets

·       No charge for set-up, allocation changes, promo code setup, updates, or maintenance

·       No courier, delivery, or download charges to ticket buyers


Key Benefits for Customers

·       Low booking fees and no hidden costs

·       E-tickets always accessible in email backup, with extra back-up provided by door list

·       Ticket barcodes scannable from smartphones

·       Quick, easy validation at venue


How to Set Up Ticketing

·       Eventfinda Pro (http://pro.eventfinda.com.au) is our free promoter and venue manager portal. To log in, simply use your Eventfinda username and password.

·       Enter the event details, including start times and venue, and in the Tickets section, select Eventfinda as your ticketing agent

·       Enter ticket types, prices, available dates and quantities. (You can customise tickets to automatically roll over from Early Bird to General pricing, program special offer codes, or even create secret tickets – just ask us how.)

·       Tick the contract box and provide your banking details for payment

There is no reason for you to take time and energy to manage ticketing when you can do it all online, with complete transparency, financial security, inventory control, and with our marketing muscle at your disposal.


Complex Ticket Pricing

We can easily manage more sophisticated pricing, including pre-sales & timed price points for early-bird sales Eventfinda’s ticketing system can manage multiple redemption codes for specific discounts, pre-sales, special offers, and other kinds of promotional pricing.

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