Perth Comedy Festival dishes out more treats, Sydney Comedy Festival begins announcements

Perth International Comedy Festival has unveiled a bunch of other top quality comedians on its line-up, already including the likes of Tracey Morgan, The Wayan Brothers, Tommy DeanJim Jefferies, Lawrence Leung and plenty of other jokers.

This announcement also finally includes female comedians! Check out the new hilarious options they've huddled up in one festival just for you:

Stephen K Amos (UK)
Adrian Edmonson & The Bad Shepherds (UK)
Paul Foot (UK)
Josie Long (UK)
Jimmy McGhie (UK)
Jeff Green
Felicity Ward
Hannah Gadsby
Justin Hamilton
Comedy Allsorts

Sydney Comedy Festival are also going for it. They've just started to trickle out their program, and like all large festivals that happen at the same time (music, cooking, comedy, some other thing), there is some syndication of artists because we all wanna see them, right? 

Sydney's got these wiseguys and quipsters for all your chortling needs:

Tracey Morgan (US)
Danny Bhoy (UK)(swoon)
The Kransky Sisters
Superwog & Mychonny
Adrian Edmonson & The Bad Shepherds (UK)
Arj Barker (US)
Stephen K Amos (UK)
Jim Jefferies
The Wayan Brothers (US)

More program information will be released as we get closer to the date, and it's a similar deal for ticket sales. I'm buying up big to everything.

- Amy Robinson 


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