Fun Little Sex Games: Couples & Singles – Version Any Gender

Where: Pulse Studio, 149 Glenlyon Rd, Brunswick, Victoria

Restrictions: All Ages

Ticket Information:

Listed by: thecuriouscreatures

This workshop presents a series of fun little games and activities to support exploration of your sexuality and cultivate playful communication with your partners.

Why fumble around with intimate contact and hope for the best, when you could be having exactly what you want, at precisely the level you want it? This workshop presents a series of little games and activities that can easily be used as ongoing practices.

Over four hours you will learn how to recognise what you want, understand your boundaries, communicate all of this to a partner, get better at dropping fully into 'giving' or 'receiving' mode, and finally, embed consent and negotiation into your sex life in a way that reflects your brand of sexy.

See full details of this event at Curious Creatures website. If you're interested in this workshop you may want to check out Intermediate Little Sex Games (the follow-on), Advanced Little Sex Games, The Forest: Touch & Embodiment Ritual, and the Curiosity workshop and play-space.

Two out of four chillies. Most people experience this workshop as a gentle introduction, some experience it as challenging at times.

Who for:
Those seeking: Communication skills with partners; deepened sexual connection with self and others; ways to access diverse and new forms of touch; and a stronger ability to articulate desires and boundaries. Couples of any any gender or sexual orientation. Singles with a similar level of curiosity, and who are happy to do defined partner activities with other singles of any gender.

Who not for:
Single people who are only willing to do partner work with people of a specific gender - you should either find a buddy and come as a couple, or look for other versions of this workshop that will be more to your liking.

What exercises/activities?:
Movement. Verbal discussion about yourself. Issuing requests, and saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Touch exercises that teach boundary-setting and communication. Touch exercises that teach different styles of touch. Eye-gazing and breathing.

Will there be pair work?
Yes. Lots. Please note, you only ever work to a level that's right for you, from cautious to delicious! You may also sit out of any exercise that is not right for you.

How will pairing be done?
If you buy a ‘couples’ ticket, you’re welcome to work exclusively with that person. If you buy a ‘singles’ ticket, you will be paired with others using a random number system at the start of each exercise. You will work with a new person each exercise, numbers allowing.

Can you work exclusively with partner/s you arrive with?
Yes, if you purchased a ‘couples’ ticket.

No genitals, buttocks or breasts, however some pairs may work directly with other areas of skin. There is no expectation of nudity.

Sexual content:
The workshop is primarily about sexuality and sexual expression.

You may sit out of any activity, or participate only to a level that's right for you.

Ratio of discussion to experiential:
20% discussion, 80% experiential.

Water bottle, your own snacks.

Whatever you're comfortable in.

Tickets, Logistics, and Late Policy:
Tickets are released in ‘rounds’, where ‘round one’ and ‘round two’ tickets are discounted to encourage you to book in early. There is no other difference between the ‘rounds’ of tickets. It is never possible to buy tickets on the door, nor by paying with cash. See our FAQ for more information on this.

Workshops start at the advertised time, and doors will be locked ten minutes later. This is because late arrivals interrupt the dynamic of the group, and will miss crucial safety information.

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