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How Do You Find Ideas?


Fri 28 Dec 2018, 6:00pm–9:00pm

Where: Entertainment Quarter, 122 Lang Rd, Moore Park, New South Wales

Restrictions: All Ages

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Ideas are rarely a product of inspiration and not new. On the contrary. Everyone has their own way of finding ideas. Sometimes through patient tinkering. Time through the combination of already proven. Those who know their abilities and preferences can use them specifically to find ideas more easily.
Say, how do you find ideas? Have you ever paid attention?

As different as we humans are, that's how different we come to ideas. Some stumble over it in the shower. Some develop it together with colleagues. And others conquer themselves in a lonely struggle at the desk. Each of us is different and there is no royal road to creativity and ideas. There are only personal skills and preferences. Knowing, using and optimizing them can help you get ideas easier.

Many paths lead to ideas...

Yes, they do indeed exist: creative geniuses who have one flash of inspiration after the next. But they are not the rule. Much more often, ideas are the result of patient small work or joint brainstorming. So do not be discouraged if you are not a genius. Forge one or the other.

Even more, few ideas are new. On the contrary. Many are noticing what's already there. They change it, improve it, and combine it with other things. Should you have a look for this: Wonderful. Even so, you gain ideas.

And to have ideas and implement ideas is not the same. Some people like to brood one idea after another, but they are not particularly interested in their implementation. Others may be strong, but occasionally need a boost of fresh ideas. They are both creative.

For You:
If you belong to one of these groups and want to realize an idea, then you acquire the missing skills or get someone in the boat that has them. As I said, there are many ways to ideas. Nevertheless, some patterns can be found. Use the following list to get a look for your own favorites. The more targeted you can use them and find ideas.

The Thinker
Thinkers breed at their desk. They do not want to be disturbed and prefer to work alone. Distraction by others only blocks their thoughts and creativity. When they have a problem or question knocked out from all sides, they reappear and present their ideas.

The Communicative
Communicators need interaction with others to deliver creative excellence. They love to throw each other the balls, and to be inspired by the comments and ideas of others. This not only gives them a boost of their own ideas, but also helps them to improve their weak points.

The Improver
Improvers simply cannot leave something as it is. It itches in her fingers to continue to file and screw. The perfect solution is the goal; half-measures do not like it. Improvers rarely have a brainwave. But they are good at identifying weaknesses and optimizing ideas. Whether that of your own team or that of the competition.

The Hunter and Gatherer
Hunters and gatherers gather - knowledge and ideas. They are extremely noisy for suggestions from the outside. Some would call what they do steal. You see it as an inspiration. The combination of existing ideas for new ideas is their strength. Moreover, often the implementation of what others only dream about.

The Stubborn Ones
They bite on a problem like a terrier, and they do not let up until they solve it. Getting them in between with something else would only irritate her.

The Intuitive
Biting yourself is not your thing. If they get stuck, let go. At some point, her subconscious will find a solution—in the shower or in the park.

The Experimenters
They like to try something out. Your output of ideas is high, but some things have to be mothballed again. If they do not run out of breath on the way, they learn quickly and always produce better ideas.

The planners
You work out an idea patiently and in every detail. If your solution is not outdated before, it often proves to be particularly sustainable.

Do you recognize yourself? If it still hard I will be waiting for you at the meeting. I will help you to recognize yourself and make your life better.