The Smallest Hour

Griffin Theatre Company presents a new romantic comedy from two of Sydney's favourite storytellers...

A woman bails on her bestie’s Hens’ Night. A cop dodges the bus fare into town. A dog walker whistles ABBA in the dead of night. Pop the kettle on and join storytellers Phil Spencer (Story Club, Radiotonic) and Susie Youssef (Whose Line Is It Anyway?) for this bleary-eyed stagger through the night that was. The Smallest Hour is a richly woven comedy about broken dreams, second chances and velcro pants.

"Spencer’s charm and winning on-stage charisma is simply delightful." - The Brag

"Phil Spencer, the Dave Allen of modern storytelling, sans the scotch and half-fInger." - ABC 702

"[Susie Youssef] is heart-warmingly genuine, rib-burstingly funny." - The Music

Written & performed by Phil Spencer & Susie Youssef.

Directed by Scarlet McGlynn.