Blood Is Thicker Than Hummus

Blood Is Thicker Than Hummus is an outrageous comedy that welcomes you into the home of the dysfunctional Parker family as their extended family and friends. In this interactive performance for an audience of ten people at a time, join matriarch Pamela, and her opinionated children Patrick and Penelope to help prepare for a family dinner. Explore the weird sides of each of the family members; their quirks, and their faults, sibling rivalry, parents' expectations and wacky hijinks.

Whether you want to sit back and watch, or get involved in the action, Blood is Thicker Than Hummus will cater for all participation levels. Think your family is a bit odd? Wait until you meet the Parkers!

Presented by Melbourne immersive theatre company Little Dirt Path, 'Blood is Thicker Than Hummus' first premiered at Melbourne Fringe in 2018. Little Dirt Path also presented 'Cafe Play!' at Adelaide Fringe 2017.

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