Get Ready! With Ruby Slippers and Friends

High-femme burlesque champion and makeup abuser Ruby Slippers presents a series of intimate and interactive drag makeup tutorials featuring some of her best Judies including Art Simone, Dandrogyny, Jandruze, Joel Devereux, Minnie Taur and Prozac. Pack your compact and your most burning questions and join them in the 86 workroom to see these dolls demo their painting skills live, while dishing out their intimate secrets about serving face.
Do you binge on Instagram and Youtube makeup tutorials? Wish Drag Race was just a full hour of pure painting face? Are you dying to know what’s inside a working artist’s drag bag?

The 2019 shortlist is:

Cavemen by Angus Cameron:
Tim’s a cub from the country, whereas Mike’s an outer-suburbs otter. Oscar’s more of a wolf (from the wealthy inner-east). And Chris? He’s a bear from the bush. Categories. Conflict. Couples. Comrades. Change?

When You Had Braces by Rachel Edmonds:
Following the death of her daughter, Lily leaves to stay with her estranged sister Paige. As childhood rivalries arise, they challenge the boundaries of sisterhood.

The Book of Ducks by Glenn Saunders:
A brand new fairy tale for everyone who never got to be the main character in the old ones. When Callie and George discover a duck in their backyard, they realise they’ve adopted more than they expected, and learn to declare what they believe in.

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