Kŕi̇ți̇ķē (a Critical Analysis of Modern Comedy)

Shane Henry saw hundreds of comedy shows over the last year and hated pretty much every single one of them. Kŕi̇ți̇ķē is equal parts absurdist character piece and satirical analysis of the state of festival comedy in 2019. Stand up, sketch and more but 'properly'.

A comedian, improviser and actor, Shane has spent the last six years writing, directing and producing other people's comedy and is ecstatic to be throwing himself into his solo MICF debut. Most recently, he directed Melbourne Musical Comedy duo Rhymezone into a sold-out debut season and rave reviews at Melbourne Fringe 2018, co-starred in award winning team Wibble Wobble's sold-out season of The Escape Room (MICF 2018) and spent a large part of 2017 producing and starring in a well-reviewed run of The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (Abridged) via his production company Mirth Hall.

Additionally, he has written/produced/starred in several stand-up and sketch shows including subversive anti-comedy group What Dat Crem? (MICF / Melbourne Fringe 2016), sketch hybrid Shane Henry and David Todman Live at the Improv Conspiracy Theatre (Melbourne Fringe 2016) and countless sold-out long form improv productions.