Queer Lady Magician

Can an overly honest person be a good magician?
If you failed at something once should you never try again?
And what's with all these straight White men in Orientalist drag?
Queer Lady Magician tells the story of Creatrix Tiara's first love of stage magic, losing the love from failure, and revisiting her childhood passion as an adult. In the process of doing so, she is forced to confront her demons: impostor syndrome, fear of failure, trauma from emotional abuse.
Interwoven with autobiographical storytelling are acts that politicize stage magic to question norms about magic and society: assumptions about people's identities based on their appearance, gender stereotypes of (male) Magician and (female) Assistant, cultural appropriation in magic, and much more. Serious social and personal issues are tackled with humour, silliness, saltiness, and heartfelt sincerity.
Through this show, Creatrix Tiara learns what it means to be a Queer Lady Magician, eventually taking ownership of an artform that has traditionally been dominated by straight cis able-bodied White men and making it queer, feminist, decolonial - by battling internalised and externalised oppression.

Content warnings: Discussions of emotional abuse, bigotry (racism, xenophobia, misogyny, transphobia), simulated gun violence, moderate coarse language. More Information: queerladymagician.com

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