Same but Different by DubaiKungkaMiyalk

Presented by Arts House as part of Dance Massive.

Five First Nation female artists, each from a different Country within Australia, invite you to share in a conversation that they have been yarning about for years.

DubaiKungkaMiyalk brings together Mariaa Randall, Rheannan Port, Henrietta Baird, Carly Sheppard and Ngioka Bunda-Heath, five contemporary choreographers who tell stories through dance. Each of the women have created a work that draws on their individual dance practice—and no two works are the same. While each artists’ style of moving may be different, the women are unified by their common desire to move. Same but Different places the women and their work side by side to challenge any notion that all Indigenous dance is the same.

Accessible performances:
Wheelchair accessible
Auslan Fri 15 March

Curator: Mariaa Randall
Creators and Performers: Mariaa Randall, Rheannan Port, Henrietta Baird, Carly Sheppard, Ngioka Bunda-Heath
Video and Projection: Jody Haines
Producer: Deline Briscoe

Supported by: Same but Different is supported by the City of Melbourne through Arts House.
Image by: Bryony Jackson