Naysayer & Gilsun

Genre: Electronica

Country of Origin: Australia

As Naysayer & Gilsun's fixation with film, television and screen experience has grown, they have spent their time warping, mutating, and remixing our media world to create an intensely visual, feature length DJ set played on giant projectors. Naysayer and Gilsun deliver an eye full of everything from french new-wve gems, pop culture icons, psychedelic dream sequences and emotive crescendos. They mix and merge them to draw links between electronic beats and cinematic emotion. Naysayer & Gilsun's live show, NGTV has slowly evolved to a point where it can truly be seen as heralding a new school of audiovisual electronica. Naysayer and Gilsun want you to dance, to laugh, to cry and sometimes, just to say "phwoar" as you go on a journey deep into the audio/visual wonderland. - Official Website