Genre: Alternative, Indie

Country of Origin: Australia

NO ZU is the wild sounds of delayed trumpets, heavy percussion and an obsession with the ideas of ‘exotica’ and ‘Australiana’. The rhythmic songs evoke imagery of deserts and heat ravaged landscapes while sparse, minimalist vocals cry out from the abrasive mixes.

NO ZU began as a lo-fi recording project for Nicolaas Oogjes (also a member of TTT, formally Tic Toc Tokyo, and until recently Tantrums) in 2007 and has evolved naturally into an intense live performance act of experimental sounds.

In 2009 the ‘Graffiti EP’ was recorded by Oogjes over a few months in several houses in and around Melbourne with help from friends. The songs demonstrate variations on a truly unique and urgent sound that has been described as “(Albert) Ayler jamming with Konk” or as “fitting music for an underground Moroccan club!” Oogjes’ inspirations however are mainly drawn from an enjoyment of rhythm and percussion, abrasive sounds, analogue delays and a genuine interest in Australian history. - New Weird Australia