Genre: Drum & Bass

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Quix is a bass producer from Auckland, NZ. He started as a drummer when he was pretty young, and ended messing around with production a few years back. His music has taken him far. He got married in 2016 and was working as a groundsman, then early 2017 he had his first North American tour and haven't looked back. He has been to China, India, Canada, Australia & the USA in his first year of full time touring. - Official Website

Upcoming events by Quix

  • Howler, Melbourne

    Fri 7 Jun 8:00pm / Electro

  • The Valley Drive In, Brisbane

    Sat 8 Jun 8:00pm / Electro

  • Metro Theatre, Sydney

    Sun 9 Jun 8:00pm / Electro