The Snowdroppers

Genre: Punk

The Snowdroppers came together in third quarter of 2007, a group people with one thing in common, the desire to introduce the blues to a new generation of fans. Realising they were in fact four clean-limbed honkeys, they decided to mix things up a little, which seemed to work in their favour, as their first ever show drew 1300 paying audience members. Of the 1300, only half asked for their money back - thanks in part, to their ribald songs about fornication and intoxication, and by drawing inspiration from the old blues and country masters of the American south.

Taking their name from Sydney 1920’s slang for cocaine addicts, The Snowdroppers delight in bringing something dark and thrillingly nostalgic and by adding their own unique interpretation of the genres, the sound is updated and made fresh with original material and a modern stage presence.

Consisting of four members (Johnny Wishbone on banjo/vocals, Pauly K on guitar, London on bass and Cougar Jones on drums), The Snowdroppers hit the scene armed with their “Bottom of the Trough” EP, comprised of original work and reworking of 1920’s blues classics (the ones out of copyright). With an ear for the past and an eye for the future, The Snowdroppers are guaranteed to bring something what’s greatly needed to the Australian music scene... an enema.