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Q&A: Press B Productions talk Classic Burlesque

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Q&A: Press B Productions talk Classic Burlesque

On July 27 Sydney’s 99 On York will play host to Press B Productions' latest opus, Pin-ups and Divas: Classic Burlesque. We chat to the company's Themis Lascaris about what to expect from a show which celebrates one of the oldest and most titilating art forms.

How long have you both been involved with the burlesque art form?
As a registered production company since December 2012 and for several years as audience members.

What first attracted you to it? 

The opportunity to see humorous routines with amazing costumes - a glimpse into a world of strong yet glamorous femininity. It was also fun to see some performers pay homage to cabaret and vaudeville traditions while others broke rules. 

Pin-Ups and Divas is a tribute to the various styles of burlesque, can you tell us a bit about a few styles the event will showcase?

It will vary from true classic interpretation of the ‘tease’ with beautiful costumes, to cheeky modern interpretations and to a tribute to grass-roots origins, particularly from a Boylesque perspective.

You posted the following quote by burlesque performer Gypsy Rose Lee on your Facebook page: “I wasn’t naked. I was completely covered by a blue spotlight.” Will Pin Ups & Divas explore the nude aspect of burlesque at the event?

No, we want to focus on the tease of the art form rather than on the obvious by catching our Facebook readers’ attention with a bold statement that teased.

Audiences will be tantalised with suggestive performances and strategically placed costuming - a romanticised idea of nudity. Today, life is very “in-your-face” where everything is obvious and as such, we want to focus on the opposite, a hint at nudity then leave the audience to their imagination. 

We also chose the quote because we are fans of Gypsy Rose Lee and that particular quote reflects the cheekiness of burlesque.

Boylesque performances are getting more publicity now than ever before, yet we’re still far behind the U.S, what would you like uninitiated punters to know about the Boylesque scene?

True, Boylesque is still relatively new in Australia but we do have some amazing talent. Uninitiated punters should know Boylesque is the male version of the art form accompanied again with humour and tease, plus lots of eye-candy as our boys are also very handsome.

Uninitiated punters should also know these performers are not strippers so should not be confused with the Chippendales.

What do you think will surprise audience members most about Pin-ups and Divas: Classic Burlesque?

The varying interpretations of the classic art form, the quality of local performers - including solo and team routines - the Boylesque routines, and above all, the cheekiness. 

Burlesque is a fearless art, what advice do you have for those who want to explore the art form but have obvious reservations?

Place the obvious reservations aside and try it. Perhaps start slowly by attending a few shows and talking to performers, attending burlesque classes which also provide fun work-outs, trying a hand at being a stage kitten or going wild and volunteering to do a routine.


See the official website here for more information.