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Artist Spotlight: Margaret Cho on Aussie audiences, Hollywood plans and her upcoming Psycho Tour

Monday 1 August 2016

Artist Spotlight: Margaret Cho on Aussie audiences, Hollywood plans and her upcoming Psycho Tour

There is no “I” in team but there is a “Cho” in psycho.

Margaret Cho is back on the road this spring with another amazing show, titled The Psycho Tour, where the comedian jokes about everything from racism, sexuality, homophobia to the political landscape of the world.

Margaret’s rib-tickling punchliners will be hitting theatres in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and a special performance in Sydney for the Just For Laughs festival this September.

Juggling between interviews and performing in various theatres worldwide, Eventfinda was lucky enough to be able to chat with Cho as she embarks on her upcoming show and about her life in general, and we get to share our conversation with you here...

What launched your stand-up career?

I started very young. I really wanted to do comedy. I was very excited about doing it ‒ I wanted to get away from being a child. I was 14 years old and I just felt this was supposed to be my destiny in life and it ended up being true!

Is there such a thing as the perfect pitch?

I think you just have to be attuned to the audience wherever you are. I try to personalise stuff so I’m really getting this feel of the place whether that is Berlin, London, Melbourne or Sydney. Wherever I am I try to make and create a show that’s directly for the place.

You’ve travelled around the world, is there such a thing as a difficult audience?

I don’t think so. I think it’s a matter of skills. You have to be able to overcome certain cultural barriers, like when I was in Singapore and everybody was really shy. I worked on it and I tried to make a perfect experience for them.

What can you say about Aussie audiences?

I think they’re great! I really enjoy Australia, it’s a very different place but it’s also familiar to me ‘cos I’ve been coming for so long. I’m really grateful to be able to give back and really enjoy performing there.

If you could run Hollywood, what would you do?

Oh, I would make movies! I would make really great movies that are appealing, with Asian-American leads. I would like to see a lot more inclusiveness in the way that we watch movies.

If you could hang a motto in every home, what would it say?

I guess... “It get’s better.” I am 47 and it has gotten a lot better.

If you were to get a tattoo describing The Psycho Tour, what would it be? And where would you put it?

Just the word “psycho” really big. Probably across the cleavage ‘cos that’s a very prominent place.

If you were going to a costume party this week, what costume would you wear?


What’s your spirit animal?

A dog. I love dogs.

Do you have a favourite place in Australia?

I love Melbourne. I love the coffee, the people… I just love the culture. I love the way the city looks. It’s beautiful.

If you weren’t a comedian, what would you do?

I would probably be a veterinarian ‘cos I love animals. That would be a great passion.

You’re in front of 14 year old Margaret Cho, what would you tell her?

Everything is gonna be OK.