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Acclaimed 'Medihealer' Mas Sajady reveals near death experiences; tours Oz this May and June

Friday 18 May 2018

Acclaimed 'Medihealer' Mas Sajady reveals near death experiences; tours Oz this May and June

In a world full of limiting beliefs, insecurities and crises, there seemingly are a select few who are entrusted the knowledge and wisdom to help us rise from the muds of life. One such person is Mas Sajady, who some of you probably know about by now. The renowned “life healer” is currently making buzz with his incredible intuitive and healing abilities that put everyone that has experienced his programs in a state of psychedelic wonderment.

Before you ask for prescriptions though, Mas always makes it clear that he’s not a medical doctor. In fact, he used to be a computer programmer. How does he heal people then, you ask? That’s the interesting part of the story. Mas practices medihealing—a gift he discovered (and eventually refined) after the two accidents that nearly took his life.

First, he got nearly crushed by a collapsed wall in his early 20s, leaving him with torqued neck and cracked jaw. In 2006, he got trapped in an underwater cavern, fighting for his life for nearly ten minutes.

They were very quick. I died basically. It was a period of grace, beauty. The amount of love is amazing. I felt so free,” he recalled when asked how did it feel right on those moments. He also remembered seeing himself separating from his physical body, passing through what he called the “tunnel of light”, and seeing his whole life flashing before his eyes in a millisecond.

The first near death experience, my jaws cracked. I started to realise the human potential that we have. There is a higher individual that’s waiting to come out in people. The second near death experience really allowed me to understand what that human potential is all about. I gained access on how to materialise these things.

What you might think as painful though, he rendered as glorious. He believes that these two near-death experiences were what ‘switched on’ the powers that were then lying within his deepest core. Maybe it’s true what they say that life is full of irony. In Mas’ case, he had to face death, not just once but twice, to discover this apparent secret to a perfect life.

Today, he helps people achieve success in the different aspects of life including health, financial freedom and relationships among others through meditation and frequency shifting.

I get you into deep state of meditation. It’s different from hypnosis and yoga. Medihealing pulls your essence back into the body. At your source code, I’ll help you reprogram yourself,” uttered Mas when asked how exactly does medihealing work.

Mas has a diverse range of clientele—from medical professionals, executives, celebrities to university officials and even regular individuals. These people all testify to the life-changing and life-shifting effects of medihealing.

This May and June, it’s Australia’s turn to experience Mas’ “supernatural abilities” as the man himself is headed down under for a series of transformational events. Catch him at the Theosophical Society Blavatsky Lodge in Sydney for “Meet Mas Sajady – The Secret to High Frequency Living” as well as in Melbourne’s Abbotsford Convent for “Meet Mas Sajady – Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life” event. He will also be doing a pair of workshops on transforming fear to courage—Part 1 and Part 2—still at the Abbotsford Convent.

In conclusion, he tells this to his followers: “Everything that you’ve been lacking or searching for is inside of you. All you have to do is to uncover that from you.

What powerful words these are, Mas! We will definitely bear these in mind so we’ll be limitless like you.