Jim Gaffigan Live

Jim Gaffigan’s name has been everywhere—on movie credits, on bookstore’s shelves, on TV screens and of course on world stages. Come March and April, it’s Australia’s turn to see the American comedy legend once again performing on its stages. He will be gracing Brisbane Comedy Festival and Melbourne International Comedy Festival and will also play Sydney. These shows will mark his first visit down under in four years.

Jim was supposed to tour the country last August but had it cancelled in lieu of his wife’s then ongoing recovery from a brain surgery. With everything in order now, expect the multi-talented comedian to bring nothing but pure humour and solid fun with his impending visit in 2018. Known for his comical take on fatherhood and for blurting out his funny observations on how things are, he’s one to make you throw yourselves against your seats in laughter.

“One of our most intelligent observational humourists.” - The AV Club

“Keeping up with Gaffigan’s observations and often sly humor could be a little dizzying for an audience that was constantly trying to catch its breath from laughing...It’s rare that a stand-up can do a full hour of material and never see a lull in the laughter. Gaffigan can.” - Borgota Blog, US

There’s no denying that the world of comedy is where Jim belongs. After getting his degree in Finance, he immediately started building up his career by attending seminars on stand-up and playing in comedy bars. His love for the craft surely paid off—he starred in films, had guest appearances on many television shows, and wrote two New York Times’ best-selling books entitled ‘Dad Is Fat’ in 2013 and ‘Food: A Love Story’ in 2014. He also became one of only 10 comedians so far to sell out the prestigious Madison Square Garden in New York.

Catch all the dates to Jim Gaffigan's tour below and get ready for nights of cracking laughter this 2018!


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