P!nk – Beautiful Trauma Tour

Australia, let's blow P!nk a welcome kiss this 2018. You read it right—the world-renowned and multi-awarded pop-rocker is flying down to our shores in July to August next year in support of her seventh studio album 'Beautiful Trauma'. She will be performing four shows in Perth and four in Adelaide. She will then take an 11-night residency in Melbourne and seven in Sydney. Brisbane will host the last seven shows.

Last here in 2013 for her record-smashing 'The Truth About Love Tour', P!nk is sure to render jaw-dropping numbers as she performs the new tracks from the album, and considering the venues' layout, the possibility of her being suspended upside down from the ceiling whilst singing or doing her acrobatics, is on a high level. 'Beautiful Trauma' hit the shelves last 13 October with the club track "What About Us", "Whatever You Want", "But We Lost It" and "Revenge (featuring Eminem)" to name a few.

One can definitely tell when it's P!nk that's playing on the radio. Her powerful, raspy and emotive vocals pull a string in people's hearts like no lightweight singer can. Her 20-year old career as well as her edgy and sometimes eclectic look made her one of pop culture's most influential artists. She currently holds three Grammy Awards, seven MTV Video Music Awards, a Daytime Emmy and a Brit Award.

Hurry and grab your tickets 'cause P!nk is so ready to give you a beautiful trauma that you'd never ever want to get over with!


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