Anjelah Johnson Live

Get your nails done and rush to the theatre near you 'cause US actress-comedian and YouTube star Anjelah Johnson is set to tour to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth this August, bringing her stand up show ‘Anjelah Johnson Live’.

Anjelah will for sure make your bellies hurt with her bunch of punchlines, impersonation acts and funny anecdotes. Add to that her play on accents and humorous observations on things like family ties and you have a bevy of chuckles on the way.

An ex-NFL cheerleader, Anjelah shot to fame in 2007 after her sketch video ‘Nail Salon’ went viral on YouTube. The video, where she did an impersonation of Vietnamese salon employees, opened up many comedy gigs for her—including her being cast in the American comedy series Mad TV which gave birth to her character Bon Qui Qui, a rude fast food employee who would call on security whenever a customer would have a complicated order. She has also recorded an album called ‘Gold Plated Dreams’ under Warner Bros. and appeared in several films like ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel’, ‘Enough Said’ and ‘Mom’s Night Out’ to name a few.

Snatch up your tickets now and let Anjelah Johnson crack you up this August!


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