Map showing 48H Pizzeria and Gnoccheria

Phone: +61 3 9824 2573


Why 48h?
If you want to eat a real pizza, make sure the dough has been leavened for 48 hours!

For 48h, 48 hours is the minimum time required for the dough to rise. A dough that has been leavened for 48h with natural yeast will make your pizza light, fragrant and aromatic…just like in Italy.

Natural yeast has been used for generations in Italy. In fact, back in the day, only one person in the village would have natural yeast and they would use it to barter goods with. Bread was made once a week, and in some villages, just once a month, so natural yeast had to be bartered or families would go without their bread...a sacrilegious thought to any food-respecting Italian!

48h wants to respect and maintain these traditions and introduce you to true Italian flavours, remastered for today’s refined palates. Buon Appetito!

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