Map showing Awkward

Mobile: 0424290568


Hours Open:

  • Tuesday: 6pm–2am
  • Wednesday: 6pm–2am
  • Thursday: 6pm–2am
  • Closed on Public Holidays

Amenities: Toilets, Food Available

Suitable for Ages: Adults

Welcome to Awkward, Eating House, Cocktail Bar, Insane Funhouse, Empire of the Fabulous.

Being art lovers, it is only natural that we are passionate about cocktails! Creating a cocktail is truly a work of creative genius and no one does it better than our Bar Manager Christopher Thomas who has created a list that will very likely induce temporary insanity. We dare say, we have the best, most playful cocktails in Sydney!

Food, food, food! Glorious food! We needed someone fiery in the kitchen, someone not afraid to bring their own flavour to the table. So we found our Brazilian Lady of Mystery, Luiza Yu Gomez, whose food nourishes the soul and warms the heart. Her food goes all the way from baby mild to burning hot... much like her!

With live performances most nights of the week and random dancers, actors and artists coming in all the time, a night out at Awkward is like going on an adventure over and over again. This is the home of creative people, and we are inviting you to become a part of our family.

I'll see you here soon :-)
CEO / Owner. (Chief Entertainment Officer)