Phone: (02) 93284411

Amenities: Food Available

Anyone familiar with Chris and Nick won’t be surprised that Blue Beat stands for quality music played by superb musicians, in a setting that gives audiences and musicians alike a memorably satisfying experience.

Blue Beat is founded on the same passion for live music that’s been at the heart of Chris and Nick’s previous venues. For those who don’t know, Nick’s history includes entertainment, promotions and venue consultancy, including key Sydney venues Bar Broadway and the Marquee nightclub. Chris is synonymous with The Basement, as manager, co-owner and booker. After nearly four decades he has strong connections with industry from festival directors to sound technicians, and he brings all this to Blue Beat.

“We think Sydney needs, and deserves, a venue that’s of its time, and caters for reasonably discerning audiences, in a way that puts the music centre-stage”, explains Rice. “But you might also just want to call in for a late-night drink or an after-theatre tapas and a place to talk.”

“So the Blue Beat philosophy is about an exciting journey through the world of contemporary music, around which we’ve built a venue that’s unpretentious but has great attention to detail”, says Richards.

Map showing Blue Beat Live Club