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Desypher is a Melbourne based design office that aims to utilise the medium of architecture as a means of building cohesion within communities.

We see our role as being agents of positive community contribution where our proposals place value on the process as a means to achieving an amazing result.

Our willingness to explore the opportunities that stem from the physical, environmental, economic and social context is our main point of difference. These opportunities often result in; promoting understanding, fostering relationships and value-adding to established community practices. All our projects are characterised by an emphasis on research, consultation and crystallising opportunities for positive interaction. They end up being very much rooted in context and yet expressed in unapologetically modern terms.

Our dedicated team has developed in-depth experience in a range of projects; civic, institutional, cultural and community based projects, faith spaces, recreational an educational facilities.

We are able to take advantage of our strategically located associated offices in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur to tackle projects all over the world. Our preference is to collaborate with local partners on a project by project basis. By utilising synchronised communication and enhanced project management tools to supplement regular face to face meetings, Desypher is able to deliver the highest level of service to clients no matter where the project is located.

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