From a humble and somewhat inauspicious beginning back in the early sixties, thanks to the determination of some keen bowlers, Hexham Bowling Club has grown to be more than just a bowling club.

It has over the years taken on a more significant part in supporting the local community, including lending financial support to local schools, not for profit charities and sporting organisations. The club has also worked with the local business houses to improve security and road safety in the area.

One of the community projects that the club has been involved in for more than a quarter of a century is the maintenance of the Council owned Hexham Park Oval. Every year the club's greenskeepers prepare the ground for the Rugby League competition in winter and they also prepare the pitch for the Newcastle C & S Cricket competition in the summer months. Apart from providing these community services at their own expense over all these years, the club also, in 1992, paid $50,000 to have lights constructed on the oval for night training, and it still continues to pay for their maintenance today.

Hexham Bowling Club has for many years been a favourite venue for Country Music and has, indeed, even helped to shape the future of a number of the budding Country singers. Artists who have played here include Internationals like Charlie Landsborough and Tommy Fleming, as well as famous locals like Kamahl, Kasey Chambers, Troy Cassar-Daley, Adam Brand and Adam Harvey. Comedians Carl Barron, Col Elliott and Kevin Bloody Wilson have also had gigs here.

Hexham Bowling Club is home to "Ossie the Mossie", an icon that has been featured in books, magazines and even on Fox 1 with famous actress and comedian Magda Szubanski. His recent Makeover and reinstallation recieved widespread media coverage.

Happy Hexham is also home to the Riverside bistro, which offers undoubtedly the best Asian and Malaysian Cuisine in town.

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