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Female Musical Comedian – Melbourne Int'l Comedy Festival

“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.” - Pablo Picasso

Comedian Stephanie Broadbridge is a rule-breaker. You know that rule that women aren’t meant to be funny? Broken. The rule that musical comedy isn’t funny? Broken. Rules of engagement? The rules of basketball? The rule of thumb? Broken. Broken. Broken.

Just don’t expect that when you come and see Steph’s new stand-up comedy show at this year’s Sydney Comedy Festival, that Steph won’t help you break a few rules of your own.

She’s versatile, too. She breaks other stuff. Steph has been breaking entire rooms of comedy fans into laughter for years now. She broke the Sydney record for the number of comedy shows performed in a year (we suspect that's where she learned the rules like a pro).

We’ll let you work out for yourself what she did with comedy’s glass ceiling. Rumour has it that Prince Charming once rocked up at her door with a glass slipper. Steph used it for a shoey. Then broke it. Mazel tov!

New ground had better watch its back!

The Show

‘Female Musical Comedian‘ is a show about acknowledgment. Yeah Steph’s doing a theme and she has funny stuff to say. At the 2019 Sydney Fringe Festival, this show was nominated and shortlisted for 'Best Comedy' alongside shows from Matt Okine, Lawrence Mooney and winner Robyn Perkins.

Although 'musical' is in the title, music is only one part of Steph's show. If there is a rule that you CAN'T combine jokes, storytelling, character comedy, improvisation, musical comedy, playing with tension and many more comedy techniques into 50 minutes of hilariously compelling comedy, you can add that to the list of rules that Steph has broken!

Steph’s pretty funny and here are some assurances from people who’ve seen her:

“She broke someone with laughter.” - Hugging Comedians, Melbourne Comedy Festival 2018

(See? We told you)

“Stephanie Broadbridge hilariously liberates the inner rebel of every audience member.” - 10 Comedians

“The terrifying darkness that sits behind Steph Broadbridge’s sunny demeanour is truly worrying, but luckily, it’s also compelling, innovative and hilarious.“ - Michael Hing, Triple J

And you know that rule that only safe, predictable comedy will entertain you? Come and see Steph at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and see what she does with that one!

Tickets for 'Female Musical Comedian' are available from the Melbourne Comedy Festival website. We hope you can join us for one of Steph’s shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival!