Top Ten: Runways not to be missed at MBFWA

Monday 8 April 2013

Top Ten: Runways not to be missed at MBFWA

We've put together a list of our top ten designers that you just shouldn't miss this year at MBFWA - Australian fashion's week in the Sydney spotlight.

If you're lucky enough to attend any of these shows snap away some selfies on Instagram and dress to impress - and if (like us) you're watching from afar, head to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia website for daily online updates including runway pics and videos. 

1. Bec and Bridge

Last year it was all sheers, white and cutouts with a touch of floral, and the year before that you'll probably remember their glorious collaboration with Akubra for ultra feminine fedoras to match their delicate prints. The Bec and Bridge girl is all about edgy femininity and subtle colour with flowing tailoring. So if you're looking for something a little more romantic without the cheese, then this is probably the runway for you this year.
Runway: 12PM, Monday April 8 2013

2. Christopher Esber

Modern, unique and impeccably cut, Esber's ahead of the curve creations are always a favourite at MBFWA. This is the show to see if you're looking for next year's trends: Last year he showed sheer, all-white, and high shine as key trends for SS12/13 - although we're only really seeing them emerge on commercial runways this year. This is a good one to follow if you're looking for some trend predictions.
Runway: 1PM, Monday April 8 2013

3. Romance Was Born

If you remember one show from last year, it was probably Romance Was Born - they garnered significant media coverage for their pop-colour comic book collection of gorgeously tailored dresses and easy to wear tees and jumpers. If you're looking for a unique point of view, and a runway that is just as much fashion as spectacle, then this one is probably the one to watch in 2013.
Runway: 9PM, Monday April 8 2013

4. Karla Spetic

If you're all about the details, then Karla Spetic is your fashion fix for this year's MBFWA - the fashionistas will remember the multi-faceted cutouts from the 2011/12 SS runway. On the MBFWA website they describe Spetic as 'playful' and 'daring', but really they mean 'give-a-fuck' - Spetic rarely sticks to the expected and is the one show to catch if you're poison is of the uniquely anti-establishment variety.
Runway: 9AM, Tuesday April 9 2013

5. Flannel

Last year's looks from Flannel were slick and sophisticated, with just a little bit of brooding moodiness - they were also one of the flagbearers for silky pyjama dressing (which still hasn't quite taken off commercially yet). For us, Flannel exudes the kind of understated elegance we'd expect to see on the streets of Paris or the hallways of Vogue on a weekend. Laid back, ethereal and cool, this is the one to watch if you like to feel comfortable in your high fashion.
Runway: 11AM, Tuesday April 9 2013

6. Maticevski

As Rachel Zoe would say, I die for Maticevski. His unique ability to bring avant-garde ideas to the everyday woman, and make it accessible and chic (rather than Lady Gaga-esque) is a skill we're sure every designer wishes they had in their bag of tricks. His 2012 collection saw a stunning exploration of ruffles (this sounds ridiculous, but just watch the show first), and a most gorgeous metallic shot floral story. So pretty, so chic.
Runway: 4PM, Tuesday April 9 2013

7. Watson x Watson

One of our favourites at LMFF this year, Watson x Watson are a super chic constant in the world of dressing for the edgy girl on the street. Last year we saw multi-colour blocked fringe/furry vests, army jackets over perfect white cocktail dresses and a pair of silver pant/leggings that were to die for (and on trend right now a year later, thank you very much.) If you're backstage at gigs more than you're at swanky soirees, then this is the runway for you.
Runway: 4PM, Wednesday April 10 2013 

8. Emma Mulholland

This was the collection that blew everyone away in 2011: a TAFE student given the opportunity to show at MBFWA with three other potential designers, it was pretty clear that Mulholland was destined for big things. Yeezy himself (that's Kanye West for those not down with the lingo), has been spotted picking up her ‘80s inspired pieces - but these aren't lame knock-offs of throw-back retro fashion... Mulholland's designs are purely jetset baby. This is the runway to watch if you're under 30 and kicking back cool.
Runway: 7PM, Thursday April 11 2013

9. Shakuhachi

The recent winter collection was clearly modeled around a girl who is a ‘60s mod fashionista transported to the ‘80s punk scene - and the resort collection from 2012 saw the same mod ‘60s ingénue visit Carmen Miranda if Carmen Miranda lived during the disco era. Make sense? We didn't think so - well, this runway is one you just have to see to understand. Jessie White's label is almost cult status at this point.
Runway: 8PM, Thursday April 11 2013

10. Zambesi

We'd describe Zambesi's 2011 collection as luxe skater girl chic living in a post-apocalyptic Fifth Element-style world. We totally see Mila Jovovich rocking several of these outfits with her orange hair. 2012/13 SS saw a more colourful Matrix-style futuristic collection - but the outlook was still post-apocalyptic. Look, basically if you want to dress like the world is going to end tomorrow, and you want to look chic while doing it, this is your show. Fabulous!
Runway: 2PM, Friday April 12 2013

- Bianca O'Neill (@alphabetponymag)