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Post-Sydney Film Festival Guide

Monday 24 June 2013

Post-Sydney Film Festival Guide

The films are over, the awards have been received, the popcorn has been swept up and the 2013 Sydney Film Festival is over. Showcasing hundreds of great films from home and overseas, this year marks the most highly attended Sydney Film Festival to date. If you weren’t able to get to many (or any) of the 278 sessions or missed out on tickets, below is a guide to some of the films featured at the festival that you can catch at cinemas in the coming months. Don’t miss out a second time!

The Look of Love

The true story of the ‘King of Soho’ (Paul Raymond), this film shows how an empire of nightclubs, real estate, porn and billions of pounds was built. Through the lovers, law breaking and living the high-life, the film focuses Raymond (Steve Coogan) and his relationships with his wife, girlfriend and daughter.

Release date 27th June at Event, Hoyts, Palace and Dendy Cinemas 

We Steal Secrets

This documentary delves beneath the media coverage and hype of Wikileaks and Julian Assange to the heart of the organisation. It explores the processes and people behind the largest U.S. security breach in history and the global impact it had. Director Gibney focuses on Bradley Manning and Adrian Lamo, which sheds new light on Julian Assange.

Release date 4th July at Hoyts, Palace and Dendy Cinemas

Before Midnight

Decades since their first meeting, we find Celine (Julie Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke) in their early forties holidaying in Greece as director Linklater captures a snapshot of life in this classic romance (and third film in the ‘Before’ trilogy).

Release date 18th July at Event, Hoyts, Palace and Dendy Cinemas

Only God Forgives

When Julian’s brother is killed, mother Jenna (Kristin Scott Thomas) flies to Bangkok to collect her son’s corpse. The head of a criminal organisation herself, she demands her drug smuggling son Julian (Ryan Gosling) find his brothers killer, which sees him face off with disturbing cop Chang.

Release date 18th July at Event Cinemas, Hoyts, Palace and Dendy Cinemas

Behind the Candelabra

With an all-star cast, this film is 70’s opulence at its best. The story follows the life of Liberace (Michael Douglas) as the flamboyant virtuoso pianist, and his secretive love affair with fan and stranger Scott Thorson (Matt Damon).

Release date 25th of July at Event, Hoyts, Palace and Dendy Cinemas

Greetings from Tim Buckley

Recounting the days leading up to Tim Buckley’s tribute concert, the film follows Jeff Buckley (Penn Badgely) as he comes to terms with his father’s abandonment, musical legacy and short life on the cusp of his own legendary career.

Release date 1st August at Hoyts Cinemas

The Way, Way Back

Young teenager Duncan hates a summer vacation with his mother (Toni Collette), her arrogant boyfriend (Steve Carell) and his horrible daughter, until he meets Owen (Sam Rockwell), manager at the nearby rundown waterpark. Through their friendship Owen instills confidence in Duncan and helps him find place and purpose in life.

Release date 1st August at Event, Hoyts and Palace Cinemas

The Bling Ring

Based on the true story featuring a gang of celebrity-obsessed teenagers, Sofia Coppola shows audiences the darker side of high life. Lead by Emma Watson, and featuring cameo by Paris Hilton, this reproduction follows the teens as they track celebrities through social media and steal luxury items worth millions from their homes.

Release date 8th August at Event, Hoyts and Palace Cinemas

Frances Ha

Frances (Greta Gerwig) is a dancer without direction, almost thirty and with a life that is going nowhere. Homeless, with no one to love, and a friendship in conflict, Frances continues on blissfully inviting adventure, love, happiness and light into her life.

Release date 15th August at Palace Cinemas

Red Obsession

Bordeaux is the richest region of wine in the world, both in quality and price. But as the Chinese develop a taste for wine, the demand and price skyrockets, placing the US and UK out of the market. This film documents the global shift thus far, and speculates on what the future may hold for Bordeaux and the wine industry.

Release date 15th August at Hoyts and Palace Cinemas

You’re Next

This thriller sets itself against the Davidson family, and the weekend reunion in their country mansion. The party only just begins before a gang of wolf-hooded killers armed with axes arrive and get the blood flowing and number of dead rising. Watch out for the victims who fight back.

Release date 22nd August at Event and Hoyts Cinemas 

Upstream Colour

After Kris is drugged and her possessions stolen she finds herself drawn to Jeff, and together they become entangled in an organism that blurs each of their identities. Together they try to identify and reassemble their lives and who they are to find security and safety.

Release date 22nd of August at Palace Cinemas

What Maisie Knew

This film is the depiction of an unpleasant divorce seen from the perspective of a young child, and her ability to love despite constantly dealing with shifts and changes in parenting. Humourous and tinged with emotion, this is a genuine representation of love and what makes up a modern family. Starring Julianne Moore, Alexander Skarsgard and Steve Coogan.

Release date 22nd of August at Palace Cinemas


Whilst grieving the sudden death of her father, India (Mia Wasikowska) must come to terms with her long-lost uncle Charlie (Matthew Goode) appearing back in her life. He decides to live with India and her unstable mother (Nicole Kidman), the mood of the house changing dramatically. Despite a warning of danger from an aunt (Jacki Weaver), this film unavoidably reaches an intense, suspenseful and thrilling climax.

Release date 29th August at Event, Hoyts, Palace and Dendy Cinemas 

The Rocket

Determined to prove he is not bad luck, Ahio (the surviving twin of a difficult birth) enters the Rocket Festival to win favour. After the death of his mother, plans for a dam that forces the family to relocate, and a difficult journey through Laos, Ahio is against all odds as he attempts to disproved the prejudices of the community and his family with the help of Kia and eccentric uncle Purple.

Release date 29th August at Palace Cinemas 

Stories We Tell

After an Academy Award-nomination, director Sarah Polley takes the microscope (and lens) and turns it on herself and family. As secrets, lies and fond memories are brought to the surface, the film explores the content of truth in memory.

Release date 26th September at Palace Cinemas


- Chelsea Denny