Become the One

An AFL player forms a relationship with a young queer man, turning his personal life upside down. But it’s the outside world that needs shaking up… Starring performers Chris Asimos and Henry Strand, this smart, sexy and challenging new work asks how same-sex partners of closeted athletes can continue to live in silence, and what it might take – as a lover and a high profile sportsman – to Become The One.
When Noah captures the attention of Tom, a celebrated AFL player nearing the end of his career, sparks immediately fly. As the season progresses and their relationship grows, questions around identity, sexuality and our devotion to hyper masculinity begin to surface, forcing them to consider what happens to clandestine relationships when good intentions and patience aren’t enough anymore.
A main stage love story featuring vibrant queer characters at its heart, it is less interested in exploring why an AFL footballer is yet to come out, and more concerned with why same-sex partners of AFL players (who statistically have to exist) continue to accept it.
What if the partner, not the athlete, became the driving force behind dismantling the last stronghold of heteronormative masculinity in Australian sport? What might they – and that journey – look like?
Winner of the 2018 Midsumma Playtime Staged Readings Event for new queer writing, this timely new Australian play by emerging playwright Adam Fawcett features Chris Asimos and Henry Strand under the direction of Lyall Brooks.

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