Hours Open:

  • Monday: 8am–6pm
  • Tuesday: 8am–6pm
  • Wednesday: 8am–5pm
  • Closed on Public Holidays

Amenities: Carpark, Wheelchair Access, Toilets, Food Available, Guided Tours Available, Gift Shop, Playground

Suitable for Ages: Families

Ticket Information:

  • cooking class : $55.00
  • Buy Tickets – +84973502434
  • Additional fees may apply

HCM Cooking Class is unique and healthy cooking class in the world to teach you how to cook combining food and medicine as well as discover Vietnamese food culture – one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide. Coming to our class, you will visit the most beautiful HCM Agricultural Villages where you will discover the Most Beautiful Vietnamese medicine garden with plenty of kinds of herbs, spices and vegetables. Moreover, you will find out how to grow many kinds of mushroom in Mushroom house and understand Vietnamese herbs and spices’ influence for medicine and cooking after listening our pharmacist and chef explaining. Specially, taking on great challenges by becoming the real Vietnamese farmer on the Vietnamese traditional hat, you will try to remember, identify and select exactly kinds of vegetables in the Vietnamese Medicine Garden for cooking class and cooking show. With the fresh - picked vegetables, our friendly chefs will instruct you how to use these ingredients to cook Healthy Food

For Cooking show, you will have great time to see our professional chefs show their amazing cooking skills.

In Addition, You will discover the Whole Vietnamese Life Style in Big Villages which Cow Areas, Buffalo Areas, Big Rice Fields, Birds Areas, Fish and Prawn Areas and So Many Exciting Activities from Local People such as Growing Up and Harvest Time .Specially You Will Live in Natural Environment without hearing The Sound from Vehicle replaces for sounding Buffalo, Cow, Pork, Birds, chicken, duck, peacock ,crickets ,frog ,crocodile …..