Amenities: Toilets, Food Available

Suitable for Ages: Adults

Loop Roof is a rooftop cocktail bar set in an open air, exotic garden & green wall setting. Loop Roof, framed dramatically against Melbourne’s city skyline, is the sister to Loop Project Space and Bar, and is designed by Jesse Judd.

Our award winning bartenders, have teamed together to present a cocktail experience like no other. Give yourself over to their ingenious, mouth watering concoctions. You will be truly gob smacked. Then marvel at the beautifully curated, exotic botanical offerings and the panoramic rooftop views. All underneath the swirl of French blue and sulphur crested balls dancing lightly on trapeze high wires.

Loop Roof has been specifically designed to cater for changing weather conditions over Melbourne’s super variable four seasons. A four section, retractable awning system protects against extreme sun, wind and rain. Extensive radiant heating keeps patrons nesting cosily over colder winter nights. And a subtle misting system keeps temperatures delightfully cool during the peak of summer.

Map showing Loop Roof