Theatre Works
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Theatre Works is a company, a community and an old Parish Hall located in St. Kilda. 

Our vision is to inspire more people to discover, create and love theatre. 

In January 2019, Theatre Works transforms into a playful, provoking and proud Midsumma Festival Hub. Think Britney (Spears of course) and burlesque; cake daddies and butch monologues; a space where anyone and everyone from in and around and outside of St Kilda can, and will, come to see multiple shows on a nightly basis.

Think world premieres alongside internationally renowned works. Think the biggest collision of creativity and community… then multiply it by ten… then place it in the heart of St Kilda.

Theatre Works wants to invite you to Give a F*ck. And to Cake Daddy and Butch Monologues and Truly Madly Britney too. However, not just as audience members, but as friends and peers and co-collaborators of Theatre Works; as community partners.


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